Weight Loss Success Stories from 2014

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Here are some success stories from clients that I supported in 2014 to help achieve their weight loss goal.

The goal set was to lose a minimum of 10 pounds in 8 weeks – a realistic, healthy and achievable target. As you can see they all over achieved their target, with their dedication and commitment to the programme.


Ginta – working 6 days a week, 13 hour days in 2 part time sales assistant jobs with 1 young daughter. Cycling to and from work. Husband studying full time. Stress a big factor. Diet very high in stimulants – cravings lots of sweet foods, daily headaches, very overweight, pms issues, digestive problems. Lost a total of 14 pounds over the 8 weeks, no longer craves stimulants, headaches rare, digestion hugely improved and pms symptoms improving.

Dolores – a full time carer. Very tired all the time, going through menopause with hot flushes and over weight. Lost a total of 11 pounds over the 8 weeks, lots more energy, hot flushes not as frequent and when we spoke 4 months later she had continued to lose the weight to reach her target of 10 stone.

Martin – retired, very overweight, on 5 different medications to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and managed a heart condition. Martin on warfarin drug so had to closely monitor warfarin blood levels under supervision of GP to ensure not too many foods high in vitamin K (e.g. green vegetables) that thin the blood. A challenging client as green vegetables are recommended on the programme! Martin lost a total of 16 pounds in the 8 weeks and is now at a weight that he can get out and walk more, so he’s enjoying daily exercise.

Marian – office worker, frequent headaches, bloating, little exercise, poor sleep. Overweight. Lost a total of 16 pounds over 8 weeks. Cleaned up diet, regular eating patterns, digestion improved, sleeping much better, no headaches and enjoying daily walks.

Mary – previously a full time carer but Mum now in nursing home so has time now to prioritise her health. Overweight, constipation and diarrhoea, very poor digestion, high cholesterol, tired all the time, stress from past and poor sleep. I also do reiki energy healing and did 4 treatments to help calm the body and boost energy. This helped in Mary’s case with further weight loss as we could measure direct change from one week to the next. Also encouraged more walking daily outdoors.
Total weight loss was 18 pounds over 8 weeks. Mary is a different person, more confident & happier, energy hugely improved, and she is sleeping better.

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