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Female aged 40, digestion and hormonal issues (Client No: SM270913)

I first contacted Caroline after I discovered I was going through early menopause. I felt terrible – lots of headache, hair loss, low mood, hot flushes, anxiety and panic attacks, craving sugary foods and I was putting on weight. I had also suffered with IBS for 20 years. My GP recommended HRT but I wanted to avoid that.

Caroline took a lot of time to consider all the different aspects of what was making me feel bad. She suggested I look at my diet to reduce the sugar and avoid certain foods (wheat in particular) and to take a range of supplements to heal my digestion system first and foremost. Alongside this she discussed all the lifestyle habits I
could look at to help reduce stress and begin to feel better. I did all of these as best I could. Over a period of months I have begun to feel much better and I’ve lost the weight I put on. I am still going through the menopause and Caroline has helped me understand what is going on better and how certain vitamins, minerals and
herbs can help deal with the symptoms.

Caroline has been so helpful in breaking down all the things I needed to do into manageable steps and has given encouraging guidance. In comparison with going to the GP, I felt Caroline listened to me and dealt with me as an individual and paid attention to the small things. I feel I’ve learned alot about myself and about food/nutrition - from the process too.