My journey into wellness

My health journey

I had an interest in science, health and wellbeing from an early age. I grew up on a dairy farm in Co. Laoise and was inspired by nature. My grandparents were avid gardeners, and produced all their own food, so the love of eating healthy nutritious food filtered down to my generation.

With a curious mind, a people orientated personality and a business instinct, I decided to take up a career in the marketing industry and enjoyed over 15 years working in market leading companies in both London and Dublin.

But then in my early 30’s, my energy levels started to drop over a period of about 6 months. Sociable, active and out-going, I enjoyed life to the full, yet I couldn’t understand how this was happening. From someone who woke up before the alarm clock, yes a morning person! I suddenly had to drag myself out of bed and with that my lifestyle changed. I started to drink more caffeine, crave chocolate and sugary foods. My body craved stimulants to keep me going! Little did I know back then that this was only making things worse and driving my body into what’s termed “adrenal fatigue” and exhaustion.

After several visits to my GP I was diagnosed by a Gastroenterologist with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and by my GP with M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (a complex chronic health condition). My digestive system was on a go slow, and I developed food intolerances that I never had. It was only when I started a 3 year Diploma in Nutritional Therapy that I began to put all the pieces of the jigsaw together and learn about the important role and connection between each of our body systems, that become imbalanced with ill health. I learnt from science-based research how nutritious foods can help to nourish and energise our unique body systems and cells. I also learnt about functional medicine tests available privately to find out more about what was causing my ill health at a biochemical level. Overtime I regained my full health, and have never looked back! What I also found interesting is that the body also knows how to heal itself, if you give it the right environment to heal i.e. get support, feed your cells with nutritious foods, build in time for relaxation, focus the power of the mind on wellness.

The whole experience was life changing, so much so that I left my career in marketing to set up my own nutrition and health clinic in 2012. Alongside working in my own clinical practice I work for the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health as a course co-ordinator and supervisor of their student nutrition clinics.

I also enjoy delivering workplace wellness programmes and regularly provide talks to staff along with one-to-one nutrition and lifestyle support.

My special areas of interest include: fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome (M.E.), adrenal fatigue, digestive problems (coeliac, IBS, SIBO, food sensitivities).

If you’re struggling to manage the day-to-day demands of work and home life due to exhaustion and constant gut symptoms, find out more about my 90 Day Gut Restore Programme.