Heart health risk assessments


Heart disease develops in silence, over many years and is usually very advanced by the time people experience any symptoms.

But did you know that up to 80% of the incidence of Heart Disease can be prevented through modifying risk factors like your diet and lifestyle.

If you are over 35 years of age, or you have an issue with cholesterol, blood pressure, angina, fatigue, chest pain, poor circulation, have diabetes or have a family history of heart disease, then why not consider a heart health risk assessment that is non invasive, quick and affordable.

The assessment uses Pulse wave analysis technology that is clinically proven to measure your Central Aortic Systolic blood pressure (CASP) and is 99% as accurate as an angiogram. CASP is a strong risk factor for heart attacks, and reducing this can reduce your risk. It also measures arterial stiffness (augmentation index), heart rhythm and standard blood pressure.

It is non-invasive, a cuff is simply applied to your upper bear arm, taking readings from your left and right arm, and takes less than 15 minutes. The cost is €15.

To book an appointment, just call Caroline Seale, Nutritional Therapist at Discover Nutrition on 087 1266525 or 056 7780658.

Please note that 4 hours prior to test you will need to avoid the following:
Smoking, coffee or any caffeinated beverages, food, exercise, alcohol or any non steroid anti inflammatory drugs or antihistamines. It is fine to drink water.

Disclaimer: We do not offer diagnosis or medical intervention and suggest clients refer to their physician where assessments indicate abnormalities such as higher than average blood pressure or higher than average central aortic blood pressure, a high pulse rate or an irregular heartbeat.