Gut Transformation Course

Six Weeks ‘Live’ Online
to Support Your Gut Health

 Starts February 2024

€249 for the 6 weeks

The online group programme will support those of you with unpleasant, nagging gut-related issues. You might look “normal and healthy” to everyone,
but I totally get that you are suffering in silence.

After 11 years of successfully supporting my clients with digestive issues
(success stories on this link)
, I have combined all off my learnings into this programme.

It’s ideal for anyone with typical IBS symptoms such as stomach cramps, bloating, flatulence, diarrhoea and/or constipation, heart burn or food sensitivities. 

Saying that, poor gut health doesn’t always show up in the form of digestive symptoms and discomfort. It can basically be anything from allergies, autoimmunity, skin issues, fatigue, brain fog, joint or muscle pain – right down to just feeling unhappy and overwhelmed. 


The aim at the end is for…


Peace of mind when it comes to being out and about (less toilet worries, knowing your trigger foods and being prepared)


Less bloating


Less embarrassing flatulence


Better mood, memory and concentration (your gut and brain health are closely linked)


Improved energy from boosting your digestive function and ensuring that you’re absorbing your nutrients optimally


Weight loss from avoiding processed foods, eating lots of wholefoods and restoring your digestive health.


Embrace the changes long term for a stronger immune system (80% of your immune system resides in your gastro intestinal tract) with less colds and flus, quicker recover times and less need for antibiotics.

Here’s what you get when you sign up:


A comprehensive information pack with full details of your nutrition and lifestyle plan, shopping list, tried and tested recipes (easy to follow and suitable for a busy lifestyle), menu planner, a journal and a pre and post questionnaire to measure your progress.


Option to purchase high quality supplements to boost the natural healing process. The supplements are totally optional, but if your budget allows, they are highly recommended.


Science-based information on what’s important for a healthy gut in your 6 weekly LIVE zoom webinars on Thursday evenings at 7pm (recorded for those who cannot make it). Group is kept small to faciliate questions and share updates on progress.


A tried and tested formula for great gut health that gets results every time.


Group support from others facing similar gut health issues in a private closed facebook page.

Suitability: this programme is not for everyone.  For example it’s not suitable for vegetarians or vegans as protein foods sources are mainly from fish, meat and eggs. It is not a detox diet, you’ll be meeting all your nutritional requirements through whole foods.


Please read through these terms and conditions to check out if it suits you before purchasing the plan!  

Here’s what you’ll learn during the live webinars:

Getting Started

You’ll learn about the ‘5’ Stages for gut healing. We’ll uncover the inflammatory foods to remove to support your gut health.  You’ll be taken through the nutritious whole foods to include in your diet, the sugar swaps, top tips, meal plan ideas and more.


In week 2 you will learn the essentials for nutrient absorption. You’ll learn about how your body breaks down and digests food and the important bodily organs involved so that you are confident in how to support your digestion optimally.  You could be having the best diet in the world but if your body is not breaking down the food properly then you won’t be performing at your very best.

Stress response

In week 3 you will learn all about the stress response and the impact it can have on digestive health.  More to follow from a guest speaker.


In week 4 we’ll talk through what can damage your gut lining and cause intestinal permeability. You will also learn about the nutrients that can help to induce repair and strengthen your immune defences.

Re-introducing foods

In week 5 you will learn what foods to re-introduce and when. You will learn how to beat your sugar and/or carb cravings.  You will learn about the important food groups to consistently keep in your diet long term.

Long term self-management

In the final session we will summarise the key factors that effect the microbiome. You will reflect on what helped improve your gut health during the course.  A paper case study from a person with gut issues will be discussed and you will learn how comprehensive stool testing can help to further support digestive issues.

€249 for the 6 weeks

Starts February 2024

Exclusive limited numbers. Group is small, intimate and supported, check-ins weekly for accountability.

Option available to pay by IBAN or Credit Card, please get in contact directly.

Please note: Nutrition consultations cannot replace your GP’s advice. Always consult your GP if you are suffering or suspect you may be suffering from any medical condition. Before booking an appointment, please check you have read the terms and conditions.