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Caroline offers a 15 minute free consultation over the telephone where you can talk openly and confidentially to her about any of your health concerns and symptoms, so she can devise an individual programme specifically for you that will suit your needs. If you are happy to go ahead from here you can then book an appointment. 

Before your first appointment, you need to fill out and return a questionnaire to give an overview of your current diet, lifestyle, and health history. This way you’ll get more value for money as the consultation can focus on providing tailored solutions as opposed to gathering information on your diet and health.

What’s involved?

  • The first consultation includes:
    • a review of your completed questionnaire
    • an explanation is provided at to what is possibly contributing to your symptoms of not feeling well and why
    • A nutrition & lifestyle plan will then be tailored specifically to you, based on your health, weight and fitness goals, nutrition & lifestyle needs, food preferences, time and money factors and motivation level.
    • Support will be given on how to cook practical, tasty and wholesome meals and you’ll receive some handouts with recipes and meal plans.
  • Occasionally there maybe a need to recommend functional tests to build up a more accurate picture of your health status. GP blood tests may also be recommended.
  • Natural supplements (from the best quality brands) maybe recommended on a short term basis to help boost and rebalance nutrient levels.  If you are on medication it is very important that you include the details on your questionnaire so that any drug/nutrient interactions can be checked prior to providing recommendations.

A follow-up appointment is usually recommended in 4 to 6 weeks to review progress and agree on any adjustments that need to be made. For more complex cases, more than 1 follow-up appointment maybe required.

Nutrition Clinic Fees

  • Initial Consultation: €120 (This covers your 1 hour consultation plus 1 hour of prepartion work in advance to review your 8 page health questionnaire, identify the areas to focus on and determine what is possibly causing your specific health concern. 
  • Follow-up Consultation: €80 (1 hour and includes interpretation of any test results if required)

Nutrition consultations approved by Irish Life Health

For further information please contact Caroline on 0871266525 or email




Monday 3pm to 8pm. Wedneday 3pm to 8pm, Thursdays 9am to 5pm.

The consultation fee does not include the cost of private laboratory tests and/or nutrition supplements, if applicable. 

Please note: Nutrition consultations cannot replace your GP's advice. Always consult your GP if you are suffering or suspect you may be suffering from any medical condition.