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Do you suffer from heartburn, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhoea, IBS or issues digesting certain foods?

Nutrition and digestion are undeniably important to good health. We are, essentially, what we eat and then absorb. Over the long haul, excellent health is impossible without good nutrition. However, if we are not breaking down and assimilating our food properly, even the best nutrition offers little help.

The digestive system begins at the mouth and ends at the bottom! Everything that occurs in-between is the digestive process and as with any process in the body things can go wrong. But when things go awry in the digestive system it can affect the whole body from the obvious symptoms like heartburn, acid reflux, constipation or diarrhoea to the less expected things such as mental health issues and immunity.

What causes digestive problems?

Digestive issues can be due to a number of factors including stress, infection, poor diet (nutrient deficiency) smoking, lack of fibre, alcohol intake, gut flora dysbiosis, eating disorders, and drug interaction – amongst other factors.

Over the last number of years, Caroline has worked with many clients to provide them with expert advice and recommendation supporting optimal digestive health.

Recommendations will be personalised to you based on your symptoms, medical history and lifestyle, and if relevant laboratory tests maybe recommended at a later follow-up appointment to help get to the root cause of any health issues.

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