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We facilitate Functional Laboratory Testing. These are private tests, not available in the Irish medical system and are recommended only where relevant to the client. The tests are done through licensed, accredited laboratories and help to give an indication of your cellular status and deficiencies. Laboratories used include Biological Testing Service Ireland, Biomnis Ireland, Biolab Medical Unit, Genova Diagnostics, Regenerus Laboratories and Doctors Data. They help to provide a more complete picture of the health of a person and help identify problems before chronic conditions and disease develop. Examples of the most common tests are outlined below. Further tests are also available and will only be recommended where relevant.
**This is an additional cost and depends on the type of test requested.

  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis – to see if there are any unusual parasites, or bacterial/yeast infections causing your illness
  • Small intestinal bowel overgrowth (SIBO) test
    Did you know that SIBO is a common cause of IBS - it is involved in over half the cases of IBS and as high as 84% in one study using breath testing as the diagnostic marker (ref:
  • Candida stool test – to check for candida yeast infections
  • Adrenal stress profile test – to check cortisol and DHEA levels (all important for energy and hormone function). This can also be checked using a symptom check list.
  • Full thyroid function test
  • IgG Food Panel testing
    We offer Lorisian testing services  To order your Lorisian testkit contact Caroline at Discover Nutrition today on 0871266525.
  • Organic acids test - Organic acids are metabolic byproducts of cellular metabolism and they can be measured from a urine sample. The test will help to identify for example how efficiently your body is detoxifying and producing energy, test markers for yeast and fungal overgrowth etc.
  • Thyroid Plus – measures serum levels of TSH, total T4, free T4, free T3, anti-TG antibodies, anti-TPO antibodies, Reverse T3 to give the full picture of thyroid health issues.
  • Hair mineral analysis – to access for any heavy metal toxicity and mineral levels


 Contact Caroline Seale today for further details